(R) 색정체 Colors, congest
(Released in 30 November 2012 by Part-time Suite Press, 1 disk with a poster)

색정체는 교통정체와 도로점거시위에 관한 파트타임스위트의 2012년 영상작업 차 비디오의 사운드트랙으로 만들어졌다. 여기에 한달간의 레지던시 기간동안 거투르트 컨템포러리 스튜디오와 아폴로베이 여행자 숙소 등지에서 만들어진 연주곡 중 2개의 트랙을 첨가했다. Jiff는 지난 7월 전주국제영화제 유운성 프로그래머의 부당해임에 반대하는 한국예술종합학교 학생들의 작은 행사에 초대되면서 만들어졌다. 음반의1차 녹음은 거투르트 컨템포러리 스튜디오와 아폴로베이 여행자 숙소에서 진행됐고 이후 서울 꽃땅 창고와 각자의 집에서 추가 녹음하여 합쳐졌다.
Colors, congest was created as a soundtrack for Part-time Suite's 2012 video work on traffic congestion and on-road sit-in protests, entitled Car Video. The record also contains two instrumental tracks composed at the Gertrude Contemporary studio and a guest house in Apollo Bay during a one-month residency program. Jiff was composed for a small event organized by students of Korea National University of Arts in protest of the unjustified dismissal of Jeonju International Film Festival Programmer Yu Wun-seong. The tracks were initially recorded at the Gertrude Contemporary studio and a guest house in Apollo Bay. Additional recordings were done at Bar Ccottddang and the artists' homes.

Track list:
Lookout 4' 00"
Jiff 6' 07"
Safari 5' 14"
Car Audio: Colors, congest 11' 36"
(MV) Rasthau 5' 35" (Music: Colors, congest)

All music written and performed by P-TS S
Drum pad: Byoungjae Lee
Bass & Xylophone: Miyeon Lee
Synthesizer: Jaeyoung Park
Voice: Adam Gooderham
Mixing & Mastering: Taehyun Choi
Translation: Suu-hyoek Jeong
Music Video by Part-time Suite